Consultant Brain and Spine Surgeon: Park

 Consultant Brain and Spine Surgeon, Park Clinic

 Hony. Professor of Neurosurgery:

 VIMS (Calcutta University)

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  Contribution to Neurosurgery in Kolkata :


After training in neurosurgery , he returned to Kolkata in 1994 to start a neurosurgery wing in the erstwhile Park Nursing Home with minimal facilities. From there he was instrumental in developing the present Park Neurosciences Services at Park Clinic, a department now recognized for post-doctoral training in neurosurgery with DNB in neurosurgery, a training centre in pediatric neurosurgery recognized by the International Society for Paediatric Neurosurgery, and a AO Spine training Centre in spine surgery. He is currently Education Officer in Neurosurgery for the national AO Spine Council in India. The department currently performs about 1800 brain and spine operations in a year.

When Dr. Sandip Chatterjee returned to Kolkata in 1994 there was no operating microscope for neurosurgery available anywhere outside one Govt department at BIN. He was the FIRST to purchase with his own funds an operating microscope for Park Nursing Home which is now the first microscope in the private sector in Kolkata. He was thus the first to start CERVICAL SPINE microdiscectomies in the private sector. In 2001, he was also the FIRST neurosurgeon in Kolkata to start endoscopic neurosurgery.


Contribution to Neurosurgery :

PRESENTLY Hony Sectretary, Indian Society of Pediatric Neurosurgery and Hony President, India Society of Neuro Oncology and AO SPINE, Education Officer in Neurosurgery.

   Special Interests :


PEDIATRIC NEUROSURGERY:  Active member of the Indian Society of Pediatric Neurosurgery, of which he is currently Secretary, and also of the Asia-Australasian Society for Pediatric Neurosurgery of which he is the Academic Co-chairman. Involved in organizing and hosting pediatric neurosurgery Courses every year in Park Clinic in Kolkata. Also co-ordinator for the national fellowship in pediatric neurosurgery.

Has the largest number of publications in pediatric neurosurgery in Kolkata, and is now Editor-in-Chief for Paediatric Neurosciences and on the editorial board for the Childs Nervous System.


SPINE SURGERY(CERVICAL SPINE AND CRANIOVERTEBRAL):  Was the first neurosurgeon to start microscopic procedures in spine surgery in the private sector in Kolkata, and has trained a number of orthopedic and neurosurgeons in spine surgery over the years. Is co-ordinator for the Neurospine Fellowship at Park Clinic. Also has numerous publications in cervical spine ad craniovertebral junction surgery.

Is part of a large prospective study(FISRT in India) on cervical myelopathy caused by cervical disc prolapse.

Also co-ordinator of a large demographic study on spinal problems of traffic officers of the Kolkata Police.

   Endoscopic Neurosurgery :

Started endoscopic neurosurgery in Kolkata, and in his department still performs jointly with ENT colleagues the largest number of endoscopic neurosurgical procedures in the city.

Has held courses in endoscopic neurosurgery over the years, and is one of the founder members of the Neuroendoscopic Study Group in India.

   Editor Of Journals :
  1. Editor-in-Chief, Journal of the Association of Neuroscientists of Eastern India.
  2. Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Pediatric Neurosciences.
  3. Associate Editor, British Journal of Neurosurgery.
  4. Editorial Board member, Childs Nervous System.
  5. Editorial Board member, Indian Journal of Spine Surgery.
  6. Editorial Board member, Indian Journal of Neurotrauma.
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